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The immediacy of Now 2: PlasmaFT.

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So, you know that I’m not contributing much to Plasma lately? I’ve told you it was because of the Youtube Videos that take time. But actually, I was only working on…

Welcome to PlasmaFT

The new revolutionary desktop environment where everything is transparent. You think this would not work? heh, let me prove you wrong. Here’s a mockup for the first version of PlasmaFT:


You might say this is not transparent. Well, that’s right, but you know, it’s not like mockups have to be 100% accurate. Anyway, I didn’t actually like this mockup, but thankfully our skilled designer Manuel made some much prettier ones:


This is great, isn’t it? Still not 100% transparent, sure, but it’s already an improvement. You might ask yourselves: how will you actually implement this? My end goal is to make everything 100% transparent, which will make the actual implementation much easier: no UI, no Qt, no GTK, no code. The simplicity of now.

If you wish to install our latest dev version of PlasmaFT, just fetch any blank paper sheet and transcribe the code on it on any IDE.

If you wish to install our stable version of PlasmaFT, just take the above blank paper sheet, transcribe it to a file.diff, then go into Plasma code and git apply the diff.

The Lockscreen

The beauty does not end here. Let’s see the lockscreen of our amazing project:


we found this design to best fit a lockscreen. I mean, look at this. Don’t you want to install PlasmaFT now? I bet you have a blank sheet of paper near you right now.

But Why?

Because my transparency tendencies were not fully appreciated in Plasma. To be honest, they are not fully appreciated in KDE either. Maybe I should start KDEft. Next year.

No I meant, why “PlasmaFT”? It’s such a bad name

So, this is a fun story. You know the game of scrabble? Well, it often happens to me that I want to do lots of points and I have a word like “cat”, but I also have “f” and “t”. I seriously can’t find any word done by letters “c” “a” “t” “f” “t”. So, when I saw the KwinFT project, I thought this was going to be a great idea to get more points at scrabble: with this project, I’m officially advocating for FT to be a word ending contemplated by official english grammar. To add a FT at the end of a word is to take that word and make it much a cooler. Which means - as an example - that a CatFT is much more cooler than Cat. And worth many more points at scrabble.

Boot screen

In this mockup we decided to get closer to our 100% transparency goal.

It’s not entirely black yet, but it’s mostly dark. Like, darker than usual.


Cool! I love it! I would immediately install it.

I’m once again asking for your financial support

Look, drawing a black screen is not either. Distrubution is not easy either. Lots of blank sheets of paper. Either my Patreon works, or I’ll just start doing a Onlyfans.

You can find it here.

FAQ: Is this Fast Track like KwinFT?


This is Ludicrous Speed Track.

Get ready.

Will you upstream?

Dunno. For some reasons, everybody at KDE hates me now. Might upstream later. If I have time. The immediacy of later.

Hi! If you happen to be - for whatever reason - the maintainer of KwinFT, I want to point out that this whole website is not meant as an offence to the KwinFT project. I’m confident that the project has its reasons to exist and this is just a way for me to make fun of the whole situation, no specific side. If you are still angry with me because of this joke, please only hate ME. This is only and only my idea. Do not get angry with KDE as a whole or with Kwin maintainers because of a joke that only I knew about. This is entirely my responsability.

Anyway, if you want to subscribe to this project or send me hate letters, contact me at niccolo at venerandi dot com or on telegram at veggero.

Long life to PlasmaFT!